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alt spotify radio box


Listen to your music by leveraging the power of the internet without the noise of the internet.

12 hour project built at JUNCTION 2017!!

Big thanks to: JUNCTION 2017 Our project also at: DEVPOST

Check out our cool video



Hardware radio that works with the spotify web api

These examples run on Node.js. On its website you can find instructions on how to install it. You can also follow this gist for a quick and easy way to install Node.js and npm.

Once installed, clone the repository and install its dependencies running:

$ npm install

Running the examples

In order to run the example, first add authenticate values.

  • In register your app and paste the client_id, client_secret and redirect_uri values in app.js on line 25-27.

  • open a spotify web console and press Get OAuth Token. In pop up window check all permissions in relevant and optional scopes and press Request token. Copy the generated token value and in app.js on line 30 replace YOUR_TOKEN with it. In the response section copy the id value (example "id" : "*************") and on line 43 replace YOUR_USER_ID

  • open Spotify web console and fetch the list of available devices. Select one that {"is_active" : true}, and copy the id. Paste the value to app.js on line 85, 163 instead of if YOUR_DEVICE_ID.

  • Please follow the playlists that are listed in the array on lines 54-58.

  • open the folder app, and run its app.js file in node. For instance do:

    $ cd app $ node app.js

Important on node version

We are using node-serialPort to access the serial port from the Arduino. In order to not have conflicts use node version 6. This is done by using node version manager nvm. If you don't have it install it either on your own or by using a package manager like brew

Arduino code

Arduino (a Teensy 3.2 is being used here) code can be found in the hardware_code folder. There's no schematic as there was no time to draw it out, but the LEDpins and the AnalogIn code should make sense to anyone who's worked with hardware. There are two mappings going on so that there's no need to parse the data from node, playlists always stays between 0 - 1000 && volume stays between 1001 - 2000. Pin 12 is just a status LED.

3D model

Found in 3d_model folder unzip and find a cool readme :) enjoy!