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vector tile styles inspired by cyanotype reproductions of technical drawings


Note: This style was built in Mapbox Studio Classic and is not compatible with the new, web-GL-based in-browser Mapbox Studio.

This was my first attempt at a custom basemap style, begun in Summer 2014, using a pre-release version of Mapbox Studio. This is a work-in-progress.

##To use

  • Fork & Clone repository to local machine
  • Open Mapbox Studio Classic
  • Under 'Project' menu, select 'Browse'
  • Navigate to the repository folder and select 'Open'

##To Contribute

  • Create a feature branch(es) in your local repository (e.g. 'water-textures')
  • Make and save your changes in Mapbox Studio, then quit (MB Studio does not refresh changes to project files while running, so best to exit)
  • Commit changes from local repository to remote feature branch
  • Submit a pull request.

##Questions Feel free to tweet: @laurenancona