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This web application will be a wiki system, storing pages into a Git repository.

No release yet. Work in progress.


This project is new, and for the moment, it only reads and display content from a Git repository. Features to create and modify wiki page with the browser will be provided later (Contributions are welcomed).

Main existing features:

  • Support of the Dokuwiki syntax and extended tags (support of others wiki syntaxes is planned of course);
  • user protocols for links: you can define "protocols" for urls to have aliases to real urls;
  • store anything in your repository and where you want: images, pdf, xml files etc.. ;
  • hidden files: files or directory begining by a dot are not accessible with a browser;
  • support of several syntax or type file: assign a rendering engine to specific file extensions;
  • multiviews: in an URL, the extension part of a filename is not required, Gitiwiki will find the right file. So later you can modify the extension (and so the wiki syntax for example) without modifying URL in other files;
  • support of redirections: you rename a file or move your page, even to an other site? Indicate it to Gitiwiki.
  • support of books: define a page including a summary, the files list of your book, and Gitiwiki adds navigation bar automatically on web pages.
  • Docbook generation: a command is available to generate a docbook file from a "book". You can then generate a PDF file with external tools, from this docbook file.

A demo ? Go to the web site of Jelix manuals to see Gitiwiki in action, and on this github repository to see its wiki content.