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MagicMirror module for displaying stock price using the Alphavantage API.


  • mode:table
    ScreenShot for Table

  • mode:ticker
    ScreenShot for Ticker

  • mode:grid with direction:'row'
    ScreenShot for Ticker

  • mode:ticker with own purchase prices
    ScreenShot for Ticker

  • mode:ticker with own purchase prices and total performance compared to the purchase price
    ScreenShot for Ticker


** 2.3.1 **

  • included pureLine option to remove axes and gridlines

** 2.3.0 **

  • multi-table support. Use config option maxTableRows to show several table pages when symbol count exceeds maxTableRows.
  • improved direction description.
  • added purchasePrice and perf2Purch to grid and table (thanks @spitzlbergerj)
  • improved ticker and grid styling

** 2.2.0 **

  • (by @spitzlbergerj) within the ticker mode, a line with the own purchase price and the display for profit and loss is added. The performance compared to the own purchase price can be displayed too.
  • changed width scheme, hopefully fixing #35
  • optimized tagline, now showing once below chart or table/grid/ticker
  • code cleanup
  • fixed ticker length (may fix ticker length issue): ticker can now expand over many items.
  • optimized grid

** 2.1.0 **

  • grid layout
  • direction option to show chart besides other module
  • improved styling
  • fixed alias issue

** 2.0.0 **

  • included Highcharts npm module for charts
  • option to add chart (mode: series still available)
  • improved API calls
  • technicals (EMA or SMA)
  • touch functions (choose stock chart, zoom in chart)


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-AVStock
npm install

Alphavantage Key

Get your free API key here:

Free account has a limit of quota (5 request per minute, 500 requests per day).
Over the time Alphavantahge has shown to be unreliable, since more and more stocks and function got excluded.
Currently several users (including me) only get stock data for the previous day.
I am working on an alternative API.



  module: "MMM-AVStock",
  position: "top_left",
  config: {
    symbols : ["AAPL", "GOOGL", "TSLA"],
    alias: ["APPLE", "GOOGLE", "TESLA"],


    module: "MMM-AVStock",
    position: "top_left", //"bottom_bar" is better for `mode:ticker`
    config: {
        apiKey : "",
        timeFormat: "DD-MM HH:mm",
        width: null,
        symbols : ["AAPL", "GOOGL", "TSLA"],
        alias: ["APPLE", "GOOGLE", "TESLA"],
        locale: config.language,
        tickerDuration: 20,
        chartDays: 90,
        maxTableRows: null,
        mode : "table",                  // "table" or "ticker"
        showChart: true,
        pureLine: false,
        chartWidth: null,
        showVolume: true,
        chartInterval: "daily",          // choose from ["intraday", "daily", "weekly", "monthly"]
        movingAverage: {
            type: 'SMA',
            periods: [200]
        decimals : 2,
        chartType: 'line',                // 'line', 'candlestick', or 'ohlc'
        chartLineColor: '#eee',
        chartLabelColor: '#eee',
        coloredCandles: true,
        debug: false

mode ticker with own purchase prices

    module: "MMM-AVStock",
    position: "bottom_bar",
    config: {
        apiKey : "",{
        mode : "ticker",
        symbols : ["TL0.F","AMZN","MSFT"],
        alias: ["Tesla","Amazon","Microsoft"],
        purchasePrice: [123.45, 1234.56, 12.34],
        decimals: 0,
        tickerDuration: 20,
        showChart: false,
        showVolume: false,
        showPurchasePrices: true,
        showPerformance2Purchase: true,

Configuration Options

Option Type Default Description
api_key string '' Your API Key obtained from (limited to 500 requests a day)
mode string 'table' Use 'table' for table mode, 'ticker' for ticker mode, or 'grid' for a grid mode.
width integer null Width of every module element. Sets the distinctive width of table, ticker, chart, or grid. If you keep this unchanged, width will be set to 100%. Apart from '100%', please use integer values!
classes string 'small' Set classes known from module classes (xsmall, small, bright, dimmed etc.)
direction string 'row' You can set row or column. setting row will place chart next to the table/grid/ticker as long as there is enough space available. Only works with width option set to a value
timeFormat string 'DD-MM HH:mm' Format of dates to be shown. Use moment.js format style here
symbols array ["AAPL", "GOOGL", "TSLA"] Array of stock symbols
alias array [] Array of aliases to replace the stock symbol. Leave all or each empty to show the symbol name.
maxTableRows integer null Set maximum table rows to paginate table with more symbols than rows.
purchasePrice array [] Array of own purchase prices
showPurchasePrices boolean false Whether to show the own purchase prices.
showPerformance2Purchase boolean false Whether to show the total performace compared to the own purchase prices.
locale string config.locale Locale to convert numbers to the respective number format.
tickerDuration integer 20 Determines ticker speed
chartDays integer 90 Number of days to show in the chart. (Max 90 days!)
showChart boolean true Whether to show the chart.
pureLine boolean false Set true to remove axes and gridlines (and volume) to show a pure line (or candlesticks)
chartWidth integer null Determines width of chart, separate from overall width above
chartInterval string 'daily' Chart interval. Currently only daily supported!
showVolume boolean true Show volume bars in the chart.
movingAverage object { type: "SMA", periods: [200]} movingAverages to include in the graph. Use EMA or SMA type and an array of all moving averages you want to see. Consider that every MA uses an own API call.
decimals integer Number of decimals.
chartType string line Use line, candlestick, or ohlc
chartLineColor string #eee Color of line chart
chartLabelColor string #eee Color of chart labels
coloredCandles boolean true Whether to use colored candles or OHLC bars.
debug boolean false Debug mode: additional output on server side (console) and client side (browser)


[ ] Use another API! [ ] Switch to Nunjucks template! [x] Grid view [ ] Support purchase Price in all modes [ ] Fix Volume bars (not showing correct colors due to highcharts' grouping function


MagicMirror module for displaying stock price with Alphavantage API




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