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A page object pattern based tool to automate browsers
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Horace Build Status

A page object based interface around webdriver to help with automating of browser navigation, screen scraping and testing. Inspired by Geb. A simple example usage can be seen below:

# Go to
ddgPage = DuckDuckGoPage(driver)

# Enter a query into the search box
ddgPage.searchModule.searchInput.value('my search query')

Pages and Modules

Page content is specified using lists. The keys in that list can then be directly used as attributes for the page objects.

class DuckDuckGoPage(Page):
    url = ''
    title = 'DuckDuckGo'

    content = {
        'searchModule' : {
            'base': searchModule, #module
            'required': False

class SearchModule(Module):
    base = '#search_wrapper_homepage'
    required = True

    content = {
        'searchInput': {'selector': '#search_form_input_homepage'}

Usage of the above Page and Module:

# Go to
ddgPage = DuckDuckGoPage(driver)

# Enter a query into the search box
ddgPage.searchModule.searchInput.value('my search query')

Optionally, you can explicitly define a property using the @property decorator in order to help with code completion tools in python consoles and IDE's:

def searchModule(self):
    return self._getContent('searchModule')


See the DuckDuckGo and Angular examples in the test directory. You'll probably need to install Horace first via python or pip.

The DDG example performs a search query on the DDG home page and then shows how many search results were found.

The Angular example loads up the ToDoMVC angular page and adds two todo items to the todo list.

Both examples only tested and phantomjs and Firefox so far (Mac).


The tests require an install of firefox or phantomjs. The test/ file by default states phantomjs as the default browser to use. Change it to firefox if you don't have phantomjs installed.

If you have phantomjs installed, first run it in webdriver mode:

phantomjs --webdriver=8910 --local-storage-path=./

The localstorage path is only required if you want to run the angular todomvc app example.

Tests can be run using nose like so:

cd tests
export BROWSER=phantomjs && PLATFORM=MAC && nosetests

with coverage if you have installed

nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=horace

or if you want a html coverage report:

nosetests --with-coverage --cover-html --cover-html-dir=./coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=horace

Selenium Grid

Start the Selenium Grid

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar -role hub

Start the selenium nodes e.g. Mac browsers

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar -role webdriver -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register -port 4445 -browser browserName=firefox,maxInstances=5,platform=MAC -browser browserName=chrome,maxInstances=5,platform=MAC

Why Horace?

As this project is inspired by Geb and as Geb is apparently named after an Egytpian god, I thought it would be nice if I named this project in a similar vein. A god-based name is out of the question so I thought I'd name it after my favourite god-based quote. The quote, 'Deus ex machina' comes from the Roman poet Horace's book about writing poetry where he instructs poets to not invoke an outside plot device or 'god from the machine' to solve insoluble plot problems. As this project is about control and automation, I thought it was an apt name (despite the tenuous link).

The fact that one of my favourite games happens to be called 'Deus Ex' (the original!) is purely coincidental.

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