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a port of the arduino lightwaverf library to the raspberry pi
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This code is a port of the excellent lightwaverf arduino library written by Lawrie Griffiths to the Raspberry Pi. It utilises the WiringPi library to do most of the GPIO work.

To use this library you will need a 433 Mhz transmitter and/or receiver attached to your Pi. The default is to pin 1 and 0 respectivly (wiring pi pin numbers not the actual processor numbers, see []). If you want to use different pin numbers these can be set in teh call to lw_setup().

To compile the code you will need wiring pi installed. Instructions can be found here. When this innstalled run make followed by sudo make install this will build the library and two example programs: send and receive. send <0,1> will send either a off or on signal the the code specified on the send.cpp file. receive will print out all of the code it receives. These command will also make the library available for other programs to use with the .so files in /usr/local/lib and the lightwaverf.h file into /usr/local/include

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