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[ Java ] Fractal's drawing program, with cli and gui interfaces
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The program "drawing" fractals (and not only), with cli and gui interfaces.

TODO: add more information here!

NOTICE: Version 0.1 is not a part of this repo, it is available only on

Installation / Compiling

First of all you have do download the Fractal program code - plese use git or just download the zip archive, I assume that you downloaded the code to the "Fractal" directory at your hard drive..

Before compiling the program, we need two libraries (*.jar files).

  1. commons-cli-1.2.jar
  2. jimageviewer.jar

Where it can be found:

  • commons-cli-1.2.jar it is external library, its homepage is at: - currently tested and used with Fractal program is version commons-cli-1.2, you can download it from here - please extract the archive and copy the *.jar file to Fractal directory.

  • jimageviewer it is a my library that can be found here: - please download it, execute "" to compile it and thus obtained file jimageviewer.jar copy to Fractal directory.

When we already have those two *.jar files (mentioned above) in Fractal directory, we can compile the Fractal program itself - please run the "" file and after sucessful compilation, the fractal.jar file should appear :)

Now we can use:

./ -h

to check if everything is ok.

You can start the GUI using:

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