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v0.1.x #28

merged 47 commits into from Mar 24, 2013


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2 participants

lbdremy commented Feb 3, 2013

  • Implement new routing api
  • #19 Remove HEAD request
  • #20 Add Zepto as alternative to jQuery
  • #10 Write nice documentation (website would be good)
  • #4 Add support to gzip
  • Implement test suite with mocha and chai

lbdremy added some commits Oct 20, 2012

@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Use chai and mocha for testing instead of vows 6d11958
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove old tests. 2e436d7
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Remove vows use mocha and chai for testing instead. ea5cc10
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Test suite for scrapinode API. 3600e7e
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Implement complete new API. aacb1b0
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Ignore all folders starting by node_modules. cd4b679
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Update dependencies with the latest versions. 37d8c4f
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove in the signature of the operation function the found para…
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Use superagent module instead of request module.
superagent supports uncompression.
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Add superagent as dependency. efcb5fd
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove all trailing spaces. d8684e1
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove comments. ef6fc46
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Use modified api. 1a7aeeb
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove the argument "next" from the method signature "operator" …
…pass in argument in scrapinode.use(path,content,operator).

the next argument was a function, it was looking like a callback and it was not a callback but was more like a passthrough operator, this could have lead to problems and uncomprehension.
This feature is now replaced, now if you want to passthrough and so reach another "operator" method, you should return "null" and not call the argument "next" which is now unavailable.
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Pass jshint. b2c4e9a
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Retrieve the extension before checking it. 6d3ad1e
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Add a bunch of subcommands to analyze and test the code. 5a1c8bc
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Ignore more folders. 4e5626a
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Drop support for nodev 0.4.x 7a395aa
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Add the correct url for the travis badge. e283403
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: No more next argument. 1eb99e9
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Add express module as dev dependency. 4d7577b
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Write skeleton of the test suite. e125ae3
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Switch the regex to match html redirection to case insensitive a…
…nd match any numbers in the attribute content before ";".
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Refactoring and bug fixes. 5117f6e
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Use superagent module available in the master branch. f91477d
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Implement a bunch of pending tests. 9e67960
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Test scraping based on the Open Graph Protocol. 7ed41ab
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Test schema.org and generic tags parsing. 52a5074
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Remove old test. fa73e4c
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Add subcommand to analyse the test coverage. 3ed3c2c
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Remove timeout arg for mocha. b22f6d8
@lbdremy lbdremy NEW: Ignore coverage.html. 7278749
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Use correct url for the travis badge. e91ead3
@lbdremy lbdremy FIX: Use superagent available on npm. 88236e8

lbdremy commented Feb 18, 2013

Close #4


lbdremy commented Feb 18, 2013

Close #19

@lbdremy lbdremy merged commit 4bbbee4 into master Mar 24, 2013

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