Electromagnetic Python
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EMpy - ElectroMagnetic Python


EMpy - Electromagnetic Python is a suite of algorithms widely known and used in electromagnetic problems and optics: the transfer matrix algorithm, the rigorous coupled wave analysis algorithm and more.

Run the examples in examples/* to have an idea how EMpy works.

Visit http://lbolla.github.io/EMpy/ for more information.


$> pip install ElectromagneticPython

Optionally, install bvp:

$> pip install scikits.bvp1lg


First, download the source code from https://github.com/lbolla/EMpy. Then, from inside a virtualenv, install with:

$> pip install -r requirements.txt
$> python setup.py install

Run tests with:

$> python setup.py test

Release process

  1. Edit CHANGES
  2. Edit version in setup.py
  3. git tag
  4. Push to PyPi: python setup.py release