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[0.17.0] - 2017-10-12


  • Fixed handling cancelled blob and availability requests
  • Fixed redundant blob requests to a peer
  • Fixed #923
  • Fixed concurrent reflects opening too many files
  • Fixed cases when reflecting would fail on error conditions
  • Fixed deadlocks from occuring during blob writes
  • Fixed and updatedlbrynet.tests.dht
  • Fixed redundant dht id
  • Fixed dht ping method
  • Fixed raising remote exceptions in dht
  • Fixed hanging delayedCall in dht node class
  • Fixed logging error in dht when calling or receiving methods with no arguments
  • Fixed IndexError in routingTable.findCloseNodes which would cause an empty list to be returned
  • Fixed bug where last blob in a stream was not saved to blob manager


  • Deprecated blob_announce_all JSONRPC command. Use blob_announce instead.


  • Bumped lbryschema requirement to 0.0.12 see changelog
  • Bumped lbryum requirement to 3.1.9 see changelog
  • Announcing by head blob is turned on by default
  • Updated reflector server dns
  • Moved tests into the lbrynet package.


  • Added WAL pragma to sqlite3
  • Added unit tests for BlobFile
  • Updated exchange rate tests for the lbry.io api
  • Use hashlib for sha384 instead of pycrypto
  • Use cryptography instead of pycrypto for blob encryption and decryption
  • Use cryptography for PKCS7 instead of doing it manually
  • Use BytesIO buffers instead of temp files when processing blobs
  • Refactored and pruned blob related classes into lbrynet.blobs
  • Changed several asserts to raise more useful errors
  • Added ability for reflector to store stream information for head blob announce
  • Added blob announcement information to API call status with session flag


  • Removed TempBlobFile
  • Removed unused EncryptedFileOpener