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[0.19.0] - 2018-03-02


  • improper parsing of arguments to CLI settings_set (#930)
  • unnecessarily verbose exchange rate error (#984)
  • value error due to a race condition when saving to the claim cache (#1013)
  • being unable to re-download updated content (#951)
  • sending error messages for failed api requests
  • file manager startup being slow when handling thousands of files
  • handling decryption error for blobs encrypted with an invalid key
  • handling stream with no data blob (#905)
  • fetching the external ip
  • blob_list returning an error with --uri parameter and incorrectly returning [] for streams where blobs are known (#895)
  • get failing with a non-useful error message when given a uri for a channel claim
  • exception checking in several wallet unit tests
  • daemon not erring properly for non-numeric values being passed to the bid parameter for the publish method
  • publish command to allow updating claims with a bid amount higher than the wallet balance, so long as the amount is less than the wallet balance plus the bid amount of the claim being updated (#748)
  • incorrect blob_num for the stream terminator blob, which would result in creating invalid streams. Such invalid streams are detected on startup and are automatically removed (#1124)


  • channel_list_mine, replaced with channel_list
  • get_availability, replaced with stream_availability


  • dht tests to only be in one folder
  • config file format of known_dht_nodes, lbryum_servers, and reflector_servers to lists of hostname:port strings
  • startup of lbrynet-daemon to block on the wallet being unlocked if it is encrypted
  • publish to verify the claim schema before trying to make the claim and to return better error messages
  • channel_list_mine to be instead named channel_list
  • channel_list to include channels where the certificate info has been imported but the claim is not in the wallet
  • file objects returned by file_list and get to contain claim_name field instead of name
  • name filter parameter for file_list, file_set_status, file_reflect, and file_delete to be named claim_name
  • metadata field in file objects returned by file_list and get to be a Metadata object
  • assumption for time it takes to announce single hash from 1 second to 5 seconds
  • HTTP error codes for failed api requests, conform to http://www.jsonrpc.org/specification#error_object (previously http errors were set for jsonrpc errors)
  • api requests resulting in errors to return less verbose tracebacks
  • logging about streams to not include file names (only include sd hashes)
  • wallet info exchange to re-use addresses, this was a significant source of address bloat in the wallet
  • lbrynet to not manually save the wallet file and to let lbryum handle it
  • internals to use reworked lbryum payto command
  • dht Node class to re-attempt joining the network every 60 secs if no peers are known
  • lbrynet database and file manager to separate the creation of lbry files (from downloading or publishing) from the handling of a stream. All files have a stream, but not all streams may have a file. (#1020)
  • manager classes to use new SQLiteStorage for database interaction. This class uses a single lbrynet.sqlite database file.


  • link to instructions on how to change the default peer port
  • lbrynet-console, a tool to run or connect to lbrynet-daemon and launch an interactive python console with the api functions built in.
  • --conf CLI flag to specify an alternate config file
  • peer_port, disable_max_key_fee, auto_renew_claim_height_delta, blockchain_name, and lbryum_servers to configurable settings
  • wallet_unlock command (available during startup to unlock an encrypted wallet)
  • support for wallet encryption via new commands wallet_decrypt and wallet_encrypt
  • channel_import, channel_export, and claim_renew commands
  • blob_availability and stream_availability commands for debugging download issues
  • a new startup stage to indicate if the daemon is waiting for the wallet_unlock command.
  • abandon_info dictionary (containing claim_name, claim_id, address, amount, balance_delta and nout) for claims, supports, and updates returned by transaction_list
  • permanent_url string to channel_list_mine, claim_list, claim_show, resolve and resolve_name (see lbryio/lbryum#203)
  • is_mine boolean to channel_list results
  • txid, nout, channel_claim_id, channel_claim_name, status, blobs_completed, and blobs_in_stream fields to file objects returned by file_list and get
  • txid, nout, channel_claim_id, and channel_claim_name filters for file commands (file_list, file_set_status, file_reflect, and file_delete)
  • unit tests for SQLiteStorage and updated old tests for relevant changes (#1088)


  • seccure and gmpy dependencies
  • support for positional arguments in cli settings_set. Now only accepts settings changes in the form --setting_key=value
  • auto_re_reflect setting from the conf file, use the reflect_uploads setting instead
  • name argument for claim_show command
  • message response field in file objects returned by file_list and get
  • include_tip_info argument from transaction_list, which will now always include tip information.
  • old and unused UI related code
  • unnecessary TempBlobManager class
  • old storage classes used by the file manager, wallet, and blob manager
  • old .db database files from the data directory