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[0.20.1] - 2018-06-19


  • fixed token validation error when the dht node has just been started (#1248)
  • fixed a race condition when inserting a blob into the database (#1129)
  • reflector server incorrectly responding as if it has all the blobs for a stream that was only partially uploaded to it
  • publish raising a database error when updating a claim that we don't have a file for (#1165)
  • blob client protocol not tearing itself down properly after a failure (#950)
  • lockup in wallet startup when one or more lbryumx servers are unavailable (#1245)
  • download being stopped if the sd blob downloaded and data did not start within the timeout (#1172)


  • Bumped lbryum requirement to 3.2.2 see changelog
  • publish to accept bid as a decimal string