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This is a node.js port of esms The original description of esms source code

A word about this source code:

ESMS was initially written together with a friend as our first real software project. We learned C while writing it, and frankly, this shows on parts of the code. So, the initial version was quite a lopsided lump of C - which nevertheless worked and did its job admirably. In later incarnations, when I rewrote and added features, I switched to C++ and tried to make the code cleaner, adhering to real programming practices. So the source code is a mash-up of older C code and newer C++ code.


All the source code compiles with any ANSI C++ compiler. Use the makefiles to see how to compile it.



-- Eli Bendersky (

##Objectives Objectives of this port is to allow esms work nicely with node.js based servers

##Compiling To compile node-esms, First install node.js

  1. Setup environment: sudo apt-get install -y build-essential libssh-dev git-core curl
  2. Download latest node.js source code: wget
  3. Decompress node.js: tar -zxf node-v0.10.19.tar.gz
  4. Goto source folder: cd node-v0.10.19
  5. Create makefile: ./configure
  6. Compile: sudo make
  7. Install: sudo make install

Compiling node-esms from source code with node-gyp

  1. cd node-esms/
  2. node-gyp configure
  3. node-gyp build
  4. binary of esms can be found at ./src/build/Release/
  5. To test it node tests/test_esms.js

To use binary form, get it from npm

  1. npm install node-esms