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This is 'LDMud', a gamedriver for LPMuds.
(LPC compiler, interpreter and runtime environment.)

LDMud started as a project to clean up and modernize Amylaar's LPMud
gamedriver. Primary goals are full documentation, a commented source body and
out-of-the-box support for the major mudlibs, of which the commented source
body has been pretty much completed. During the course of work a lot of bug
fixes and improvements found their way into the driver - much more than
originally expected, and definitely enough to make LDMud a driver in its own

The latest stable version is available on our homepage at


The files in this directory are:

  README      : this file.
  COPYRIGHT   : the copyright of the driver.
  CREDITS     : the list of contributors.
  HISTORY     : a user-oriented history of the last changes.
  CHANGELOG   : the last changes in minute detail.
  INSTALL     : installation hints and notes.

  doc/    : the collected documentation
  src/    : the driver source
            settings for configure for a number of muds
  src/util: misc. utils like ERQ daemons
  mudlib/ : various LPC (example) files.
            sefuns for removed efuns.
            standard include files to copy into your mudlib. Some of these are
            also used by the src/ files.
  mud/    : the lp-245 mudlib, and support files for other mudlibs.
  etc/    : misc. scripts, images and syntax files for editors.
  gdb/    : pretty printers for GDB7 for the main data structures.
  test/   : the driver test suite, run with ./ after compilation.
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