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Hello world in every programming language. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this, I merge all pull requests!
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Add big heap of languages
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# Create 2B.2b
a Create aeolbonn.aeolbonn
b Create byter.byter
c Create ContinuesEquation.ce
d Create DUP.dup
e Create EOOOL.eoool
f Create fourier.fourier
g Create grin.grin
h Create hollow.hollow
i Create iscom.iscom
j Create Jasmin.j
k Create kipple.kipple
l Rename LazyK.lazy to l/LazyK.lazy
m Create meq.meq
n Create novice.novice
o Create omgrofl.omgrofl
p Rename please_porige_hot.pph to p/please_porige_hot.pph
q Create qugord.qugord
r Create recurse.recurse
s Create subleq.sq
t Create TapeBagel.tb
u Hello world in Ubercode added
v Create verbose.verbose
w Create wheat.wheat
x Create XRF.xrf
y Create yolang.yo
z Create zetaplex.zeta
.gitignore Fixed .gitignore Fixed links in ReadME (D'OH!)
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Hello, World!

Hello world in every programming language.

As I watch the collection expand, this project has blown up more than I ever thought possible. Thanks to everyone who continues to contribute, new languages are created every day!

Spin-Off project smartly suggested and implemented by @zenware Meet FizzBuzz the evolution of hello-world

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