Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds
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Kill the Newsletter!

Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds

Version 0.0.4
Documentation GitHub
License GNU General Public License Version 3
Code of Conduct Contributor Covenant v1.4.0
Source GitHub
Bug Reports GitHub Issues
Contributions GitHub Pull Requests
Author Leandro Facchinetti


Install Go, Caddy, and the dependencies:

$ brew install go caddy
$ go get

Start Caddy:

$ caddy

Visit http://localhost:8000.

Create inboxes and send emails to them, for example:

$ curl smtp://localhost:2525 --mail-from --mail-rcpt vwee2c3557jtb89azgvj@localhost --upload-file email.example.txt


We recommend a DigitalOcean Droplet running Ubuntu. (It is not possible to deploy Kill the Newsletter! to Heroku because it depends on the file system.)

Install Go, Caddy, the dependencies, and Kill the Newsletter!:

$ wget ''
$ tar xvzf go1.11.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
$ wget '' -O caddy.tar.gz
$ mkdir caddy && tar xvzf caddy.tar.gz -C caddy
$ env GOPATH=/root/go/packages go/bin/go get
$ git clone

Configure Caddy and Kill the Newsletter!:

File Example
Caddyfile.production Caddyfile.example.production
/etc/systemd/system/caddy.service caddy.example.service
kill-the-newsletter.json kill-the-newsletter.example.json Settings
/etc/systemd/system/kill-the-newsletter.service kill-the-newsletter.example.service

Load, start and enable the services (so that they start at boot):

$ systemctl daemon-reload
$ systemctl start caddy kill-the-newsletter
$ systemctl enable caddy kill-the-newsletter

Create a GitHub webhook with Content type application/json for automatic deployments.


Key Default Description
Name "Kill the Newsletter!" Service name
Administrator System administrator contact
Web.Server "localhost:8080" Network address on which the web server listens
Web.URL "http://localhost:8000" Base URL for links
Web.URIs.Root "/" Root URI
Web.URIs.Feeds "/feeds/" URI under which to find the feeds
Email.Server ":2525" Network address on which the email server listens
Email.Host "localhost" Host for which the application accepts emails
Feed.NameSizeLimit 500 Maximum size for a feed name
Feed.Path "./public/feeds/" Filesystem path in which to store the feeds as files
Feed.Suffix ".xml" Suffix to use for feeds files
Feed.URN "localhost" URN to use when creating identifiers for feeds and entries
Feed.SizeLimit 500000 Maximum size (in bytes) for feeds
Token.Length 20 Length of the tokens that identify feeds
Token.Characters "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789" Characters that form the tokens that identify feeds