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Clojure workshop @ Resonate 2014

This repo contains various examples & mini-projects created during the Clojure workshop from 31/03 - 03/04/2014 at Resonate festival in Belgrade. Each file also contains highly detailed comments and can/should be run from the REPL (unless stated otherwise).

In the workshop we used the Eclipse-based CounterClockwise IDE, but this repo contains a standard Leiningen project.clj file, so is not dependent on CCW.


Below is a short summary of the different exercises. Only one of them can be "run" from a REPL without needing a manual initialization (ex01), but the others require manual exectution of at least a single function call (e.g. see ex03) in order to produce some output...

To launch a REPL from the command line, simply type lein repl. This will download all dependencies too. Be aware that this project is configured to use Clojure 1.6.0, which requires Java 7. If you're still on Java 6, you'll need to replace/add the following dependencies in project.clj (before launching your REPL):

  • replace Clojure 1.6.0 => [org.clojure/clojure "1.5.1.]
  • add [org.codehaus.jsr166-mirror/jsr166y "1.7.0"]

To find out which version of Java is present use java -version.

Text adventure

A little Infocom-style text adventure exercise, in which we introduced working with nested data structures and learned about ways to deal with state in an interactive environment. During the development we discussed Clojure's approach to manipulating state using different reference types, but settled on using atoms and learned how to use higher order functions to update their state and illustrate their use in event handlers for certain player actions. The example also served as precursor to start thinking about using graphs as data structures to encode relationships between elements. This mini game setup defines a number of rooms which are connected in different directions (east, west, north, south etc.) and thus is forming a graph. Finally, we introduced the concept of dynamic variables and showed how their use could help us in defining a tiny DSL to simplify playing the game in the REPL. The resulting setup should be flexible enough to add more interactive storytelling & game related puzzle features.

Welcome to the Resonate 2014 Clojure adventure.
Can you find the golden treasure?
Type (help) for a list of commands...
You are in your hut. You can see an empty bottle of whiskey and an unmade bed.
You can go east.
You carry nothing.

resonate2014.ex01> (go :east)
You are in the garden. You can see some beautiful flowers.
You can go east, north, south and west.
You carry nothing.

Linked data graphs

TBD (forthcoming)

Visualizing CSV statistics in 2D/3D

On our last workshop day we dealt with visualizing a number of open data sets about London as both SVG and as 3D scene for the open source Luxrender. The functions have been re-arranged and received minor modifications after the workshop to make them more flexible and allow them to be used with similarly structured CSV files. We used several sections of this London Open Data collection about monthly ambulance service incidents, classified by borough and spanning the time period from Summer 2009 - Summer 2013. The data files are also located in the /data folder of this repo.

Please also see the child namespaces of this example for further details about SVG & 3D processing. We're making frequent use of higher order functions to pre-configure various sub-steps of the visualisation procedure.

The images below are the results of this exercise and also generated the complete 3D scene file for the Luxrender renderer.

London binge drinking by borough

London binge drinking by borough

  • Columns: Months (Jul 2009 - Jun 2013)
  • Rows: Boroughs, sorted by global average (the top 5 boroughs: Westminster, Camden, Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon)
  • Global Value range: min = 17, max = 360
  • Threshold: Only entries with > 50 incidents/month are shown

London assaults on women by borough

London assaults on women by borough

  • Columns: Months (Jul 2009 - Jun 2013)
  • Rows: Boroughs, sorted by global average (the top 5 boroughs are: Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark, Lewisham, Newham)
  • Global Value range: min = 0, max = 90
  • Threshold: Only entries with > 10 incidents/month are shown

London knife injuries by borough

London knife injuries by borough

  • Columns: Months (Jul 2009 - Jun 2013)
  • Rows: Boroughs, sorted by global average (the top 5 boroughs are: Southwark, Lambeth, Newham, Lewisham, Haringey)
  • Global value range: min = 0, max = 25
  • Threshold: None, all incidents/month are shown

Links & further reading

More links to resources coming over the next few days...


Copyright © 2014 Karsten Schmidt

Distributed under the Apache Software License v2.0


Clojure workshop at Resonate festival 2014




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