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BPG Image Format Plugins

What is BPG format?

Its purpose is to replace the JPEG image format when quality or file size is an issue.
~ http://bellard.org/bpg/

What does this project do?

  • Implement BPG plugins for image viewers
    • XnView / XnViewMP
    • Susie
    • Imagine
  • Modify libbpg to improve API usability
  • Provide C++ wrapper classes to libbpg


  • BPG read
  • BPG write
  • Fast multi-thread YUV <-> RGB conversion
- XnView Susie Imagine
Read O O O
Write O - -

Not supported

  • YCgCo / CMYK colorspace
  • Grayscale with limited component range
  • Premultiplied alpha
  • Writing 8-bit colour / 32-bit source images
  • Animation

How to install