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Copyright of individual lines of code may be owned in part or whole by the
individual contributors.
Current Core Maintainers of LedgerSMB:
Chris Travers < chris @ >
Erik Huelsmann < ehuels @ >
Havard Sorli < havard @ >
John Locke (Freelock Consulting) < john @ >
Istvan Pongracz < pongracz.istvan @ >
Herman Vierendeels < herman.vierendeels @ >
Robert James Clay < jame @ >
Yves Lavoie < ylavoie @ >
David Godfrey < lsmbdev @ >
Nick Prater < nick @ >
Other Committers:
Jeff Kowalczyk [email omitted] contributed the ledger-smb-smallgray.css and has submitted numerous bug fixes.
Christopher Murtagh <christopher.murtagh @>
Wrote the session handling fix, has begun reformatting the files to fit the
current coding standards, and other contributions.
Seneca Cunningham <tentra @>
Contributed code fixes and support for advanced tax rules. She has also
re-engineered the localization framework. She has also provided support for
Excel, ODS, and other formats for reports.
Joshua Drake <jd @ commandprompt . com>
Contributed database fixes, the contact/company/entity schema, and other
db-centric changes.
Other Contributors:
David Bandel <david.bandel @> Provided some bug fixes and
documentation corrections.
Josh Berkus <josh @> has helped provide assistance in promotion,
advocacy, and other assistance.
Christopher Browne <cbrowne @> provided some corrections to the
documentation, the Pg-tables.sql, and a setup file for replication.
Tony Brummett <tony @> contributed a bug fix for avgcost and lastcost
Angus Carr <apcarr @> Has provided some corrections to
the documentation.
Chifung Fan [email omitted] contributed bugfixes.
Tony Fraser <tony @> provided some database fixes.
Dave van Ginneken <davevg @> fixed many HTML errors and has patched
the setup.diff.
Ashley Gittins contributed <agittins @> has contributed
some performance fixes and has contributed a great deal of work to our web site.
Ian Goodacre [email omitted] has provided numerous bugfixes.
John Hasler <john @> has provided some double-entry information for
the manual and miscellaneous documentation corrections.
Mads Kiilerich <mads @> has provided the RPM spec file and
numerous bug fixes.
Alexey Klyukin (Command Prompt) has contributed code particularly to end of
year routines, and helped address scalability issues.
Louis B. Moore <lbmlist @> has provided the documentation on the
command-line API and helped with upgrade scripts, both for 1.2 and 1.3.
David Mora contributed the new Payment template/system.
Chris Nighswonger, <cnighswonger @> contributed the
Chad Phillips [email omitted] Various bugfixes. Also contributed a template
widget system for 1.3.
Lacey Powers (Command Prompt) has contributed code, and helped reduce the number
of warnings coming from the inherited codebase.
Donna Robinson [email omitted] contributed some fixes to the HTML code.
Jason Rodrigues <jasonjayr+ledgersmb @> provided the logic to force
the password change in the He maintains the Gentoo Ebuilds packages.
Frans van der Star < @> provided additional
documentation regarding Ubuntu 11.10 installation.
Bob Miller <bob @} has contributed DNS hosting and
documentation regarding integrating LedgerSMB with other corporate systems, for
example, authenticating LedgerSMB from LDAP.
Victor Sterpu <victor @> has contributed some bug fixes to COGS
Andrew Sullivan (formerly with Command Prompt) has addressed scalability in the
batch payment system.
Matt S Trout, <mst @> CPAN: MSTROUT,
IRC: contributed the initial Makefile.PL
Rich Walker <rw @> has provided assistance in the dists/deb
documentation for Debian installations.
Hilton Day < @ > has contributed a fix for the RPM build
Steven Marshall <steven.marshall @> Contributed a bug fix for the
Andres Basile < basile @ > has contributed a number of bug fixes, as
well as Gnome.css, Argentina chart of accounts and i18n files as well.
Brian Wolf < brian @ > has contributed bug reports.
Berend Tober < btober @ > has contributed some to the
documentation and a number of bugfixes
Ward Vandewege [email redacted] has contributed some bug fixes to LedgerSMB database management and migration scripts.
Bill Appelbe < bappelbe @ > has contributed some of our documentation.
Kaare Rasmussen < kaare at jasonic dot dk > has contributed significantly bug
reports and at least one bug fix.
Jigme Datse <jigme.datse @> has contributed some bug fixes,
bug reports, and more.
Original Authors of SQL-Ledger:
Dieter Simader <dsimader @>
Original author of SQL-Ledger, on which LedgerSMB is based. He also owns DWS
Systems, Inc.
Thomas Bayen <bayen @>
Antti Kaihola <akaihola @>
Moritz Bunkus (tex)
Jim Rawlings <jim @>