Cordova / PhoneGap Map Directions Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3.0.0
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Directions Plugin for Apache Cordova npm version

Cordova Directions Plugin to utilise native maps for satnav style direction purposes (using latitude and longitude or address).


Latest published version on npm (with Cordova CLI >= 5.0.0)

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-directions

Latest version from GitHub

cordova plugin add

PhoneGap build

Add the following to your config.xml to use version 0.4.0 (you can also omit the version attribute to always use the latest version). You should now use the npm source:

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-directions" version="0.4.0" source="npm" />

For more information, see the PhoneGap build docs.


You do not need to reference any JavaScript, the Cordova plugin architecture will add a directions object to your root automatically when you build.

Ensure you use the plugin after your deviceready event has been fired.

Navigate to a latitude and longitude

directions.navigateTo("51.50722", "-0.12750"); // latitude, longitude

Navigate to an address (not available for WP8)

directions.navigateToAddress("123 Main St. Orlando, Florida"); // address


Support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Address navigation is not available for Windows Phone 8.


MIT License