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a cleaner, leaner mix of print_r() and var_dump()

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a cleaner, leaner mix of print_r() and var_dump()

print_r() lacks

  • types / lengths
  • adequate differentiation of bool/null/empty strings

var_dump() lacks

  • readability (forget about it)

both lack

  • value alignment
  • coloring
  • theming
  • uncluttered view without a sea of extra chars
  • tweaking of verbosity
  • interactive collapsing/expanding
  • adjustable recursion depth
  • ability to prevent useless expansion of empties
  • resource dumping
  • decomposing XML/JSON/SQL stings on-the-fly

PSR-0 rewrite

now installable through Composer
require: "leeoniya/dump-r": "dev-master"

default output and css syling

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i've tried and noted quite a few alternatives here: but none were to my liking, hence this project.

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