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Sequence kernel association test (SKAT)
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SKAT R-package

SKAT is an R-package for gene/region-based multiple variant tests. It has functions for Burden test, SKAT, and SKAT-O with adjusting for covariates and kinship.

Main Functions and key references

Following are main functions and key references. For details, please refer the package manual and vignettes.

  1. SKAT function: Burden test, SKAT, and SKAT-O

    • Lee, S., Emond, M.J., ..., and Lin, X. (2012). Optimal unified approach for rare variant association testing with application to small sample case-control whole-exome sequencing studies. AJHG, 91, 224-237.
    • Lee, S., Wu, M. and Lin, X. (2012). Optimal tests for rare variant effects in sequencing association studies. Biostatistics, 13, 762-775
    • Wu, M., Lee, S., Cai, T., Li, Y., Boehnke, M. and Lin, X. (2011). Rare Variant Association Testing for Sequencing Data Using the Sequence Kernel Association Test (SKAT). AJHG, 89, 82-93.
  2. SKATBinary function: Burden test, SKAT, and SKAT-O with efficient resampling for binary traits

    • Lee, S., Fuchsberger, C., Kim, S., Scott, L. (2016) An efficient resampling method for calibrating single and gene-based rare variant association analysis in case-control studies, Biostatistics, 17, 1-15.
  3. SKAT_CommonRare function: joint test for common and rare variants

    • Ionita-Laza, I., Lee, S., Makarov, V., Buxbaum, J. Lin, X. (2013). Sequence kernel association tests for the combined effect of rare and common variants. AJHG, 92, 841-853.
  4. SKAT_ChrX function: X-chromosome test

    • Ma, C., Boehnke, M., Lee, S. and the GoT2D investigators (2015) Evaluating the calibration and power of three gene-based association tests for the X chromosome, Genetic Epidemiology, 39, 499-508.
  5. SKAT_NULL_emmaX function: Kinship adjustment

  6. SSD functions: plink binary file related functions

  7. Power_Continuous, ...: power calculation functions


  • SKAT CRAN: Link
  • SKAT google group: Link
  • Example dataset: Link
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