A version of the open source write-blocker with no LCD screen and WiFi, allowing you to remote into the box via SSH
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FIREBrick Remote

Software for the open source hardware write-blocker/imager. This version has no LCD screen and contains WiFi, allowing you to remote into the box via SSH.

FIREBrick Remote features:

  • Autonomous disk imaging at speeds of up to 5Gb per minute (disk dependent)
  • FireWire write blocker function
  • Stand-alone version supports storage mirroring and encryption
  • VERY Portable – fits in a MINI-ITX M/B case
  • Free, open source firmware
  • Can be fully customized to the needs of specific departments
  • Adheres to NIST Computer Forensic Tool Testing protocols
  • Automatic RAID storage detection
  • Control the device using SSH over WiFi!

For more info visit http://digitalfire.ucd.ie/?page_id=1011

Lee Tobin - leetobin@gmail.com

Address *Floor 1, Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory, University College Dublin.

dfire@ucd.ie @dfirelabs


This system is in development, any loss of data/evidence or any related problems are not the fault of this project or DigialFIRE. We're confident in this project, but we're only human. Also, we're adding functionality to the FIREBrick all the time, so again, test your FIREBrick lots (particularly if you've developed new functionality).