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Simplify Gmail

Simplify Gmail is a browser extension that makes Gmail even more simple, capable, and respectful. You can learn more about Simplify at

I still use this repository for issues, but Simplify is no longer open source or hosted here. I had hoped it would be easy to maintain once built but it proved to require a lot of upkeep to keep working. Simplify v2 is in a separate private repository but I still use this one to track issues and feature requests.

Why is Simplify no longer open source & free?

Simplify cannot continue to exist for free. It’s not sustainable. Building high quality modifications on top of ever-changing software requires a lot of skill and time. And I’m only interested in making Simplify if it’s high quality.

I’m committed to never earning money through ads, sponsorships, or collecting and selling any kind of data. I’ve considered things like Patreon and Github sponsors, but decided those won’t work for me either.

Charging for software ensures you aren’t the product. There’s a saying in software that if a product is free, then you are the product. That you pay with your time, attention, privacy, data, etc. Simplify exists to give back your attention, privacy, and time.

Charging for Simplify is not only a way of ensuring it continues to function, it’s also a way of raising expectations–that it’s worth paying for. More on why I made this switch and the full implications can be found here.

How to get Simplify Gmail

Install the Chrome extension, Firefox addon, Edge addon, or Safari extension.

Who made Simplify

Simplify was made by, Michael Leggett. Michael was Gmail's design lead from 2008 to 2012 and a co-founder and design lead for Google Inbox. Michael has been writing Chrome extensions for years to simplify apps but had only ever shared them with friends. With the unfortunate demise of Google Inbox, he wanted to offer a more simplified Gmail experience to everyone.

Is Simplify safe?

I'm glad you asked. You should always be super careful what extensions or apps you use, especially with your email. Simplify does NOT request full API access to your email and asks for as little access as possible. There are no trackers. No data is sent or shared. And no ads ever.

Privacy Policy

Simplify has no ads, no analytics, no trackers, and no use of cookies. Furthermore, Simplify's products do not send or receive data of any kind from your account or device.

We aim to make software worth paying for and taking strictest stance on privacy possible. Your privacy and the security of your account and data is of the utmost importance.

Send feedback

Gmail has a lot of features and even more 3rd party plug-ins. I've done my best to support all these things but it still may not work for your setup and that's ok. You can send feedback or feature requests here or via You are also welcome to email me or send me a tweet, and I'll do my best to respond.

Screenshots and more can be found at


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