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Django development/production environment with docker
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A cookiecutter template for Django/Nodejs(React)/Nginx/Postgres. The main idea behind this project to create an easily configurable and easy to use django development/production environment for any project.


  • Docker requires a 64-bit OS.
  • Install the docker(1.12.1) -
  • docker-compose(1.8.0) - pip install docker-compose
  • Requirements for cookiecutter: apt-get install python-dev
  • Then get cookiecutter: pip install Markdown cookiecutter
  • Finally enter the directory where you want to store your project and enter the following: * cookiecutter

Cookiecutter params

  • project_name: The name of the project.
  • repo_name: The directory name(automtically generated from the project_name).
  • db_password: The postgres user password for the database.
  • use_translation: Translation integration(Rosetta, ModelTransalation, admin integration).
  • use_react: React, NodeJS, React-Router to replace the django frontend.
  • admin_name: The name of the admin user who will receive the error messages.
  • admin_email: The email address of the admin user who will receive the error messages.
  • email_host_user: The gmail email address what the system can use to send emails.
  • email_host_password: The gmail email address password what the system can use to send emails.


  • Build the images: bash
  • Start the project: docker-compose up
  • You can set every secret variable in the .secret in the root
  • If you want to run the project in production mode you need to set the following environment variable:

Tips & Tricks


  • The data volume, automatically created on the first start, which will contains every data.
  • You can find it in every container in here: /data/


  1. postgres
  • postgresql-9.4
  • The 5433 port is open by default if you want to connect the db with a client
  • Commands:
    • start - start the database
    • shell - start a bash shell dc run --rm postgres shell
    • backup - create a backup (/data/backup/<backup_name>) dc run --rm postgres backup
    • restore - restore from a backup (/data/backup/<backup_name>) dc run --rm postgres restore
  1. django-python3
  • The projects can be found under the /src/ directory
  • Installed Apps:
    • Django: 1.10.1
    • uWSGI:
    • psycopg2: 2.6.2
    • django-debug-toolbar: 1.5
    • djangorestframework: 3.4.6 + optional packages
    • django-cleanup: 0.4.2
    • django-extensions: 1.7.4
    • django-compressor: 2.1
    • django-rosetta: 0.7.12 [optional]
    • django-modeltranslation: 0.11 [optional]
  • Commands:
    • shell -start a bash shell dc run --rm django shell
    • start_runserver - in development mode this will start django runserver
    • start_uwsgi - in production mode this will start the uwsgi
  1. nginx
  • Commands:
    • shell -start a bash shell dc run --rm nginx shell
  • Installed Apps:
    • Nginx: 1.8.1
  1. nodejs [optional]
  • Commands:
    • shell -start a bash shell dc run --rm nodejs shell
    • start_build - start the react build process than exit dc run --rm nodejs start_build
    • start_watchify - start the watchify process for the development mode
    • Installed Apps:
      • nodejs: 4.x.x
      • npm: 2.x.x
    • Installed Packages: [automatically installed]
      • react: 15.3.1,
      • react-dom: 15.3.1,
      • babelify: 7.3.0,
      • babel-preset-react: 6.11.1,
      • browserify: 13.1.0,
      • watchify: 3.7.0,
      • react-router: 2.8.0
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