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Blight is a cross-platform graphical user interface for Tox written in Racket that utilizes libtoxcore-racket and libopenal-racket. In very early pre-alpha stage. All help and testing appreciated.

Blight Screenshot


  • Racket (version 6.0.1 or higher)

  • Toxcore

  • OpenAL

  • libtoxcore-racket

  • libopenal-racket


  • Precompiled binaries are automatically compiled after a Github commit. Navigate to the blight/bin directory and run blight. Please note that since these builds are taken from the latest git the program's behavior may have unintended side effects.

  • Latest amd64 GNU/Linux

  • Latest amd64 OSX

  • details installation from source.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Blight implements several cutsom keyboard shortcuts for commonly used unicode characters.

  • λ (U+03BB) is mapped to ctrl+\

  • © (U+00A9) is mapped to ctrl+1

  • ® (U+00AE) is mapped to ctrl+2

  • ™ (U+2122) is mapped to ctrl+3

Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) Client

Blight now contains a REPL server built in, which you can access through the repl-client.rkt program. This REPL client will allow you to access the internals of Blight while it is running and you can modify the program on the fly. While this does give you a great amount of power, it also requires a great amount of knowledge of the program's internals and good amount responsibility in how you use that knowledge. It is always a danger that you could corrupt the data file, so be sure to backup your files frequently!



  • Visit the Tox IRC channel #tox-dev on freenode.

  • Email me:

  • Tox me: 802D30E27746AE299FC2796D014C24700140574BFBFBB9397114D7CB82DC25728BA74CC378EF


Blight is licensed under GPLv3+.