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Octocat-spinner-32 genpass
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A collection of scripts / utilities that I tend to use a lot.

  • genpass - A simple password generator
  • counter - A tool to count occurrences of characters
  • git-fmd - Generates a Flattr button in markdown using config values from a local git repo
  • git-lint - Check for syntax errors in modified files in current git repo. Only supports PHP atm
  • keg - an abstraction of the jungle that is dpkg and apt-*
  • ssh-copykey - Will transfer your ssh pub key to remote hosts. For systems where ssh-copy-id is missing (OSX)
  • ssh-keylist - List and show keys from ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • vim - a simple util to start macvim if available


Run link2bin, this will symlink all the utilities in to your ~/bin directory. If you don't have a ~/bin directory one will be created for you.

Add ~/bin to your $PATH.

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