simple examples about using flash player to play RTMP/HTTP/HLS
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Simplest Flashmedia Example

雷霄骅 Lei Xiaohua
Communication University of China / Digital TV Technology

simplest_as3_rtmp_player:      最简单的RTMP播放器(基于ActionScript)
simplest_as3_rtmp_streamer:    最简单的RTMP推流器(基于ActionScript)
rtmp_sample_player_adobe:      从Adobe Flash Media Sever提取出来的测试播放器
rtmp_sample_player_wowza:      从Wowza服务器中提取出来的测试播放器
rtmp_sample_player_flowplayer: 基于FlowPlayer的RTMP/HTTP播放器(添加RTMP plugin)
rtmp_sample_player_videojs:    基于VideoJS的RTMP/HTTP播放器
rtmp_sample_player_jwplayer:   基于JWplayer的RTMP/HTTP播放器
hls_sample_player_flowplayer:  基于FlowPlayer的HLS播放器(添加HLS plugin)
hls_video_player_html5:        基于HTML5的HLS/HTTP播放器
activex_vlc_player:            基于VLC的ActiveX控件的播放器


This project contains following examples about Flash streaming media:
simplest_as3_rtmp_player:      Simplest RTMP Player(ActionScript)
simplest_as3_rtmp_streamer:    Simplest RTMP Streamer (ActionScript)
rtmp_sample_player_adobe:      Sample Player extracted from Adobe Flash Media Server
rtmp_sample_player_wowza:      Sample Player extracted from Wowza Server
rtmp_sample_player_flowplayer: RTMP/HTTP Player based on FlowPlayer (with RTMP plugin)
rtmp_sample_player_videojs:    RTMP/HTTP Player based on VideoJS
rtmp_sample_player_jwplayer:   RTMP/HTTP Player based on JWPlayer
hls_sample_player_flowplayer:  HLS Player based on FlowPlayer (with HLS plugin)
hls_video_player_html5:        HLS/HTTP Player based on HTML5
activex_vlc_player:            Video Player based on VLC ActiveX

Note: Some example couldn't work directly. You should upload them to web server such as 
Nginx or Apache.