A static html based blog system in 2 parts, one for show and one for submission
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Cipherpress (Formelly known as The blog project)

This is a blog platform that is supposed to be listening on a Tor hidden service for files in the Markdown format and convert these into html and post as a blogpost on a homepage in vanilla internet


To let people in areas with alot of censorship and filtering to share their thoughts and information in a manner that anonymizes their posting to this blog but still get the information out

Parts used in the project

I have used the [web.py] 1 for the webserver bits, [Python Markdown] 2 by Manfred Stienstra and others, [Elixir] 3 by Jonathan LaCour, Daniel Haus and Gaëtan de Menten and [pysqlite] 4 by Michael Owens. The rest of it is my code :)


At the moment it is just in it's cradle, the pieces of code I have put together so far is only a small Proof of Concept I am making for the CCCamp 2011. Many of the final details when this all is "production ready" might change.


I am releasing everything under the GPLv2 license, feel free to copy, fork, improve or just look at the code. If you like the project, forked/copied some of it or just generally want to drop me a note you can do so at daniel@kuehn.se