Geolocation on WiPy 2.0 (MicroPython) without GPS Module, only WiFi
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Geolocation on WiPy 2.0 (MicroPython) without GPS Module, only WiFi

About this Repository

This code uses a WiPy2.0 and the Google Geolocation API as a Geo-Datalogger without GPS.


from geoposition import geolocate

ssid_ = <your ssid>  							#usually defined in your file
google_api_key = <API_KEY> 					  	#get from google
geo_locate = geolocate(google_api_key, ssid_)	#geo_locate object

valid, location = geo_locate.get_location()
	print("The geo position results: " + geo_locate.get_location_string())

The class initializer receives the following arguments

  • google_api_key: Google API key that you get clicking on the link available here;
  • wlan_check_interval: It defines the wait time between checking for new WiFi signals (in seconds (default = 1));
  • mcc: Mobile Country Codes (MCC) (default=262 -o2 Germany), you can find some values here;
  • mnc: Mobile Network Codes (MNC) (default=11 -o2 Germany), same as mcc.


Revision 0.1 (initial commit)

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