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Calling a C header from Swift (example)
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Calling a C header from Swift (example)

I could not find a simple example of Swift code calling a C header. So I made one.


swift build


swift build --configuration release


  • Each subdirectory in "Sources" is effectively a subpackage.
  • Create a package with your C code in it (Sources/SomeC).
  • Create your Swift package (Sources/SomeSwift).
  • Then establish a dependency in your Package.swift file : targets: [Target(name: "Bitset", dependencies: ["SwiftBitsetC"]),].
  • In your C package, add an include directory with your header file. If you have C source code, put it directly in your C code package directory (Sources/SomeC). You need at least one source file (somec.c).
  • In your Swift code, just do import SomeC and then you can call the C function as in SomeC.sayHello().

That's it!

For Xcode users (Mac only)

$ swift package generate-xcodeproj
generated: ./SwiftCallingCHeader.xcodeproj
$ open ./SwiftCallingCHeader.xcodeproj
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