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Rolling hash functions in Java

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Rolling hash functions in Java
Daniel Lemire

License: Apache 2.0

== What is this? ==

This is a set of Java classes implementing various recursive n-gram hashing techniques, also called rolling hashing (, including:

*) Randomized Karp-Rabin (sometimes called Rabin-Karp)
*) Hashing by Cyclic Polynomials (also known as Buzhash)

== Code sample ==

String s = "some string";
int n = 3; //hash all sequences of 3 characters
CyclicHash ch = new CyclicHash(n);
int k = 0;
for(; k<n-1;++k) {;
int rollinghash =; // the first or last 32-(n-1) bits are 
// do something with the hash value
for(;k<s.length();++k) {
	rollinghash = ch.update(s.charAt(k-n), s.charAt(k));
	// do something with the hash value

== Reference ==

Daniel Lemire, Owen Kaser: Recursive n-gram hashing is pairwise independent, at best, Computer Speech & Language, Volume 24, Issue 4, October 2010, Pages 698-710
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