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Idris to Erlang Compiler and Libraries.

I started using Stackage, so these instructions now use stackage.

  • Install Stack
  • Install Erlang
  • Checkout this repository and cd into its toplevel directory
  • Compile the runtime support using (cd irts; erlc *.erl)
  • Build this package with stack build
  • Install the erlang package using (cd libs/erlang; stack exec idris -- --install erlang.ipkg)

You're up and running. To invoke the compiler, use

$ stack exec idris -- --codegen=erlang --package=erlang Main.idr -o main.erl

Then run the program using

$ escript main.erl

If everything has worked, then you should be able to compile and run all the examples. If not, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯