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Orange Engine

The Orange Engine is a work in progress 2D RPG engine + editor. You can see a couple of slightly outdated videos of it in action here:

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.

Windows Binaries

If you're running Windows and you don't want to mess around with compiling from source, you can find a binary here:


A quick and dirty page on compiling orange-engine in GNU/Linux and Windows.

a. Clone the repository by doing

git clone git:// orange-engine

Then do

git fetch 

git merge origin/master

You just need to do the last two commands to fetch whenever updates are there.

You can always see his latest commit by doing :-

git log --max-count=1|cat

for instance at this moment it gives :-

$ git log --max-count=5|cat
commit dd3a05a79bc45f82b000a38c902092e69c1f4639
Author: Bart <>
Date:   Tue Jan 3 00:37:53 2012 -0500

added credits

Now you need few packages, you need qmake-qt as well as SDL and SDL_mixer development libraries and Nokia QT Creator installed. If you are compiling under Windows, the necessary header files and DLLs are included in the repository.

This project is to built in Nokia QTCreator . In Ubuntu it is available only in Natty and upwards.

The version is 2.1.0-0ubuntu2

In Debian its slightly more better at 2.2.1-1

Download and install QT Creator in your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

In GNU/Linux with QT Creator you also have to specify how qmake would be making the Makefile hence you need to specify that.

I am on Debian so I used :-

export QMAKESPEC=/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++ >> ~/ .bashrc 

Now log out and log back in and test if it the export worked or not, I did :-

 $ echo $QMAKESPEC

Anything < = 2.1.0 of QTCreator is good for compilation.

If you are running Windows, the Qt SDK can be downloaded from Nokia, here:

Now if you have a makefile then run/open QTCreator

go to File > Open File/Project

Give the path where you have downloaded the repository

Browse through the qrpgedit directory

Click on file

The first time you try to build it, qtcreator will ask for the target (as in desktop or a mobile phone (symbian) device or Maemo device or Harmattam .

In this click/choose desktop. There is possibility that it may just show the desktop already clicked. Hence nothing is to be done here.

Then on the left-hand side a side-pane is there which shows a directory listing.

Either right-click on qrpgedit directory and choose build project 'qrpgedit' OR Click on the Build Menu and choose the 5th option 'Build Project qrpgedit'

On the left-hand side you can see the progress of the build by a small progress bar. It will also show number of errors which happen while building qrpgedit.

As of today there were 47 errors (note: these are warnings -- the build works).

You can also optionally look at the console output by clicking on Compile output in the bottom bar.

After the build is complete , it will show a green arrow which means the build is ready and can be run. Just click on it to see qrpgeditor .

The same way qrpgengine has to built. After doing the build run it also.

There is also qrpglib which is also to be built but cannot be built at the moment.

After running both qrpgeditor and qrpgengine as the build happens in the same repo, the repository is tainted so as to speak.

You will get messages something like :-

$git merge origin/master
Updating a081ecc..3ee6ab8
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.

In such a case one has to reset the project to its pristine form.

 $ git reset --hard

This would delete those local changes and the repo is now as the project creator intended it to be.

Then when you update it you have to make sure that all the Makefiles are deleted as well as there are no *.pro.user files present in the folder/directory. For e.g. this is what is there on my system now :-

~/games/orange-engine/qrpgedit$ ls
gui.cpp  gui.h  qrpgedit.kdev4  rpgx_mapedit.cpp

Now remove Makefiles from all directories with the command

~/games/orange-engine$ find . -name Makefile -delete
~/games/orange-engine$ find . -name -delete
~/games/orange-engine$ find . -name -delete

This way all the files which are not needed would be deleted. Then re-run qmake-qt4 from within Nokia QTCreator and Build the project.

Happy hacking.

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