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Rightshare package

The Rightshare package comprises the following tools. Please feel free to use them (in any combination) to deploy your own Rightshare ecosystem.

Smart contracts

The architecture comprises 4 main smart contracts:

  1. Right.sol
  2. FRight.sol
  3. IRight.sol
  4. RightsDao.sol

All the contracts in this repository have been written in Solidity v.5.11.

Javascript library

Nodejs implementation for user interface to interact with the smart contracts.

UI template

A base template of the user interface.

Frontend server

A server implementation on Google Cloud (Python)

Metadata server

An API server implementation on Google Cloud (Python) to create an image based on on-chain metadata

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation on how to use the Javascript library and UI template

How to use this repo

Installation and setup

  • Clone this repository

    git clone <repo>

  • cd into the cloned repo

    cd Rightshare-contracts

  • Install dependencies via npm

    npm install

Test and development

  • Open new terminal, run ganache


  • Open new terminal, activate the virtual environment

    source ~/venv-rightshare/bin/activate

  • Compile using truffle

    truffle compile

  • Run the tests

    truffle test

Note: When the development / testing session ends, deactivate the virtualenv

(venv-rightshare) $ deactivate


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