Dexter is a simple Test Helper, framework independent.
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Dexter JS

Dexter is a simple Test Helper to mock and spy methods and to fake the Ajax interface. It's framework independent, running with QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha, etc.

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Getting Started

Download the minified version or the development version.

You may also install Dexter from NPM or Bower:

  • NPM: npm install --save-dev dexter
  • Bower: bower install --save-dev dexter

Or build your own copy.


Dexter is supported and tested on:


  • 0.10+


  • Firefox 4+
  • Chrome 18+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 7+ (Mac OS)


  • Firefox for Android 23+
  • Firefox OS
  • Chrome (Android)
  • iOS 6+


The project documentation files are located in


By git cloning this repository you can build your own copy.

First, install the grunt-cli if you haven't before. This should be installed globally (like this: npm install -g grunt-cli).

Then install the project dependencies:

npm install

And build the distribution files:


The Contributors Hall

You are welcome to join us on the list of contributors for this project on Github.

Please, check the Contributing documentation, there're just a few steps.


Copyright (c) 2014 Leonardo Balter && Luan Muniz Licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.