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"In Dialogue", my 2013 NaNoGenMo project
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In Dialogue

a 2013 NaNoGenMo project

by Leonard Richardson

"In Dialogue" extracts the dialogue from Project Gutenberg ebooks and provides a tool for replacing all the dialogue from one text with dialogue from another.

The NaNoGenMo entry itself is in two parts found in the entry/ directory, and can also be read on my web site.

To generate your own texts, run, then The script will show you which texts are available.

You can add new texts by downloading Project Gutenberg files into the raw/ directory. For example, these commands will add "Oliver Twist" to the list of available texts:

$ wget -O raw/730.txt.utf-8 $ ./

Then, this command prints the text of "A Christmas Carol", with all the dialogue replaced with dialogue from "Oliver Twist":

$ ./ "A Christmas Twist" 46 730

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