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Learn Ruby on Rails with Wistia APIs by cloning Code4Startup

Clone TaskRabbit with AngularJS and Firebase

In Code4Newbies, I will walk you through steps of how to create a very simple online education web application, a "newbies version" of Code4Startup. What you will learn:

The course's structure

Task 1: Starter

  • Meet your new friend, Ruby on Rails

Task 2: Installation and Setting up

  • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8
  • Install Ruby, Rails for Windows
  • Setting up with Wistia

Task 3: Create Code4Newbies project

  • Initialise project folder
  • Create 2 static pages: About & Contact
  • Add Material Design into our application

Task 4: Relax and have fun

  • Add Twitter Timeline into About page
  • Add Google Map into Contact page

Task 5: Create MVC model for videos

  • Introduce MVC mode
  • How to use scaffold generator to create MVC model

Task 6: Refactoring our application

  • Refactoring video form
  • Refactoring video index page
  • Refactoring video show page
  • Working with Wistia Video APIs
  • Working with the Next & Previous buttons

Task 7: Go Live with Heroku & Fly

  • Deploy our app on Heroku
  • Hey, something I would like to share
More awesome courses are available on Code4Startup


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