Redmine importer that works with trunk.
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Redmine Issue Importer

User documentation for this plugin is at

This plugin is functional now, including in multiprocess environments. The plugin has been testes on Redmine 1.1 and Redmine 1.2.0. The database is used for intermediate storage.

To install:

  • Prerequisites: You'll need the fastercsv gem ('gem install fastercsv' as root). Versions 1.4 through 1.5.3 are tested.

  • Download the plugin to your vendors/plugins directory. Be sure to maintain the correct folder name, 'redmine_importer'.

  • Run 'rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production'

  • Restart your redmine as appropriate (e.g., 'ruby script/server -e production')

  • Go to the Admin/Projects/../Modules

  • Enable “Importer”

en, de, zh, pt-BR, and ja localizations included. The other localizations are up to date, but the zh is a little bit behind. If anyone could update it, it would be appreciated.

User documentation at