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@evocateur evocateur released this
· 157 commits to main since this release
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4.0.0 (2021-02-10)

Notable Changes

  • Node v6.x & v8.x are no longer supported. The minimum supported version is now v10.18.0 (LTS Dubnium).
  • Dependencies updated across the board, should no longer trigger audit warnings.
  • Lots of JSDoc type annotations were added. Maybe they're helpful?

Nothing was newly deprecated, nothing previously deprecated was removed. Migrating to v4 should be straightforward.

Bug Fixes

  • version: Ensure --create-release environment variables are present during initialization (2d0a97a)
  • Improve accuracy of JSDoc type annotations (1ec69f0)
  • create: Use main as default Github branch (1a951e9)
  • import: Better handling of "Patch is empty" (#2588) (0497bc7)

Code Refactoring

  • describe-ref: Add JSDoc types, remove test-only export (e5cf30c)
  • package: Move Package.lazy() to static method (e52108e)


  • child-process: Add JSDoc types (1840492)
  • collect-uncommitted: Remove figgy-pudding (621b382)
  • collect-updates: Add JSDoc type annotations to primary export (a4e7c78)
  • conventional-commits: Add JSDoc types to named exports (81a591c)
  • deps: @evocateur/libnpmaccess -> libnpmaccess@^4.0.1 (7974b35)
  • deps: @evocateur/libnpmpublish -> libnpmpublish@^4.0.0 (341146e)
  • deps: @evocateur/npm-registry-fetch -> npm-registry-fetch@^9.0.0 (6df42f2)
  • deps: @evocateur/pacote -> pacote@^11.1.13 (99b4217)
  • deps: @octokit/rest@^18.0.9 (f064a55)
  • deps: @zkochan/cmd-shim -> cmd-shim@^4.0.2 (179e2c3)
  • deps: Bump dependencies (affed1c)
  • deps: byte-size@^7.0.0 (a1b2555)
  • deps: camelcase -> yargs-parser/camelCase (d966e8b)
  • deps: chalk@^4.1.0 (d2a9ed5)
  • deps: conventional-changelog-core@^4.2.1 (54e2b98)
  • deps: conventional-recommended-bump@^6.0.11 (4ff481c)
  • deps: cosmiconfig@^7.0.0 (2958fe6)
  • deps: dot-prop@^6.0.0 (5f31d3b)
  • deps: execa@^4.1.0 (9051dca)
  • deps: execa@^5.0.0 (d8100fd)
  • deps: fs-extra@^9.0.1 (2f6f4e0)
  • deps: get-port@^5.1.1 (b1b2275)
  • deps: get-stream@^6.0.0 (ddf2ab5)
  • deps: globby@^11.0.1 (6cb5bbe)
  • deps: import-local@^3.0.2 (e0e74d4)
  • deps: init-package-json@^2.0.1 (4042e8e)
  • deps: inquirer@^7.3.3 (0b37795)
  • deps: load-json-file@^6.2.0 (239f54b)
  • deps: multimatch@^5.0.0 (0172526)
  • deps: npm-package-arg@^8.1.0 (12c8923)
  • deps: npm-packlist@^2.1.4 (c63fabd)
  • deps: p-finally -> Promise.prototype.finally() (028db04)
  • deps: p-finally@^2.0.1 (165e47e)
  • deps: p-map-series@^2.1.0 (7f68076)
  • deps: p-map@^4.0.0 (92b1364)
  • deps: p-pipe@^3.1.0 (489f59e)
  • deps: p-queue@^6.6.2 (ed76cdd)
  • deps: p-reduce@^2.1.0 (fd4289a)
  • deps: p-waterfall@^2.1.0 (7b7ea50)
  • deps: path-exists@^4.0.0 (3fb6304)
  • deps: pify@^5.0.0 (6b34452)
  • deps: read-cmd-shim@^2.0.0 (9f78eee)
  • deps: read-package-json@^3.0.0 (2a02865)
  • deps: read-package-tree@^5.3.1 (3311780)
  • deps: resolve-from@^5.0.0 (d414462)
  • deps: rimraf@^3.0.2 (cda2e18)
  • deps: semver@^7.3.2 (003ad66)
  • deps: slash@^3.0.0 (5dec383)
  • deps: ssri@^8.0.0 (41729b4)
  • deps: tar@^6.0.5 (fce3e77)
  • deps: temp-write@^4.0.0 (7bbfb70)
  • deps: upath@^2.0.1 (28ecc48)
  • deps: whatwg-url@^8.4.0 (5dfb7f0)
  • deps: write-file-atomic@^3.0.3 (61f341b)
  • deps: write-json-file@^4.3.0 (d552c53)
  • deps: write-pkg@^4.0.0 (34db21c)
  • deps: yargs@^16.1.1 (53d432b)
  • filter-options: Remove figgy-pudding (7d90289)
  • has-npm-version: Remove unused makePredicate() export (56cba2f)
  • npm-dist-tag: Remove figgy-pudding (1158f8e)
  • npm-publish: Remove figgy-pudding (bdc162d)
  • otplease: Remove figgy-pudding (45ee52e)
  • pack-directory: Remove figgy-pudding (640faa5)
  • package: Improve JSDoc-inferred types, encapsulation (4d80c38)
  • package-graph: Improve JSDoc-inferred types, encapsulation (fae9e8d)
  • prerelease-id-from-version: Add JSDoc types (53cdad9)
  • profiler: Remove figgy-pudding (69d4704)
  • project: Add JSDoc type annotations to primary export (8443ad3)
  • prompt: Add JSDoc types (0406568)
  • prompt: Add unambiguous exports (46fa111)
  • prompt: Remove ambiguous exports (42ab453)
  • Consume named exports of sibling modules (63499e3)
  • Expose named export (c1303f1)
  • Remove default export (e2f1ec3)
  • publish: Remove figgy-pudding (caf823e)
  • query-graph: Remove figgy-pudding (3b0e2fe)
  • run-lifecycle: Remove figgy-pudding (1093f87)
  • run-topologically: Remove figgy-pudding (f3a73db)
  • Drop support for Node v6.x & v8.x (ff4bb4d)


  • prompt: The ambiguous 'confirm', 'select', and 'input' exports have been removed. Please use the renamed exports 'promptConfirmation', 'promptSelectOne', and 'promptTextInput' (respectively).
  • has-npm-version: The makePredicate() export has been removed, memoization is now the responsibility of the caller.
  • The default export has been removed, please use a named export instead.
  • describe-ref: The test-only 'parse()' export has been removed.
  • package: The lazy named export is now a proper static method of Package.
  • Node v6.x & v8.x are no longer supported. Please upgrade to the latest LTS release.