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Python CAPTCHA package


This is the PyCAPTCHA package, a collection of Python modules
implementing CAPTCHAs: automated tests that humans should pass,
but current computer programs can't. These tests are often
used for security.

See for more information and examples.

This project was started because the CIA project, written in
Python, needed a CAPTCHA to automate its user creation process
safely. All existing implementations the author could find were
written in Java or for the .NET framework, so a simple Python
alternative was needed.


Included are several example programs:

  - is a bare-bones example that just generates
    and displays an image.

  - is a longer example that uses BaseHTTPServer
    to simulate a CAPTCHA's use in a web environment. Running this
    example and connecting to it from your web browser is a quick
    and easy way to see PyCAPTCHA in action

  - is a version of http_example that runs
    from an Apache server equipped with a properly configured


- Python 2.2.1 or later
- the Python Imaging Library, required for visual CAPTCHAs


Micah Dowty <>

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