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Les Enovateurs

Mr. is a geek, Mrs. is green... shake it all up and you'll get the Enovateurs' website: new technologies 🚀, ecology 🌿, outings & tips💚, books 📚 and more...

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  1. Try Mailhog with Docker and different languages.

    PHP 1 1

  2. Phalcon - Développez des applications web complexes et performantes en PHP

    PHP 2

  3. Phalcon Mooc an example API + Front End with automated tests

    JavaScript 10 2

  4. Get new photo on sftp server every x second and display it like slideshow


  5. Install fail2ban, choose the version, and some custom jail


  6. Ansible playbook with Wordpress/Apache/PHP7.2/MySQL/Fail2ban


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