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Strictly speaking, this is not really an "issue", but it's going to be a big task and we can use your help.

How you can help

  • Visit the wiki, click around, add something you know that hasn't been recorded yet, and perhaps learn something new about LESS. Or just add your info here and I'll transfer it to the wiki for you.
  • Requests: If you have any constructive suggestions, feedback or questions about what should be documented, please feel free to add those here as well. I'll start organizing a list of items based on feedback and tasks as I encounter them.
  • Perhaps most importantly, help me make corrections and improve the quality of the wiki. Be on the lookout for errors, typos, abruptly discontinued sentences (which I tend...).

Pages to review

  • Function Reference: @Synchro, I had to reformat for readability due to the limitations of the wiki, I just wanted to make sure you knew in case I created some unintentional errors.
  • Browser Options: @lukeapage and @matthewdl, please review for errors/mistakes.
  • Options: @lukeapage and @matthewdl I could use some help listing out the currently available options, similar to the Browser Options page, but I can worry about the detail, a bullet list from you guys would suffice.

After the wiki is updated

We will be making a couple of announcements! Hang tight, more to come...


I should mention that I have a lot of content to add already, so I will be making updates frequently.

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The function reference looks good, but it's very long. The command summary after the TOC seems unnecessary - perhaps break that out into a 'cheat sheet' page?


Ha! @Synchro lol it's funny you say that, here is what I created exactly for that purpose. I wasn't going to advertise the fact that it was there yet, because I'm not finished with the structural code and the "theme" isn't what I want yet, but let me know what you think:

btw, top navbar links are fake, so they don't work, here is the source:


My thinking is that we can cross-reference both the wiki page and the cheatsheet. But some people (like me actually) would also much prefer to have a single-page version. What I'm trying to do with at least some of the easier language features is make them available in valid yaml format, so that it's readable as-is but it can also be reused across many formats: cheatsheets, examples, even tests. I'll post something back up here when I have something to show


@jonschlinkert, thanks for the Wiki. Can we mention Visual Studio's Web Essentials extension under GUI compilers that use LESS.js?


@am11, @jaakkytt we're working on new docs here:

It would be great if you could create issues on that repo for these requests. Thanks!

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