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Google Summer of Code Stuff

This repo contains various bits that may be of interest to GSoC org admins, mentors and sneaky students.

Mostly it is all the behind-the-scenes stuff that org admins need to coordinate. I am keeping track of it here so other org admins can learn from it and hopefully make suggestions. Much of it will also be useful to mentors that perhaps one day want to herd cats as an org admin.


Any org admin or mentor past or present is welcome to contribute to this repo. Simply fork and send a pull request, or if you would like a commit bit, just ask. Make sure to follow the ORGANIZATION/YEAR directory pattern, to make things easily findable.

Hopefully, this grows to be a resource of how org admins and mentors actually Get Things Done each year, which will be an invaluable resource to future org admins, mentors and others.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto