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Translations - internationalization (i18n)

How to add a new language

  1. In config.toml, copy the commented section, replace XX in [[languages.XX.*]] with your language code and translate the strings.
  2. In i18n\ copy en.toml into XX.toml (where XX is your language code) and translate the strings.
  3. In content\XX\ (where XX is your language code), you can add your translations of content\en\.
  4. content\XX\ (about/), content\XX\ (getting-started/), content\XX\donate.html (donate/) and content\XX\sponsors.html (sponsors/) must be translated and included in the first pull-request.
  5. Docs index (/content/en/docs/ should be included, at least to point users to the English documentation.
  6. After the first pull-request, more files from content\XX\ may be translated.
  • The pull-request of a translated file must update links on other files pointing to it.
  • The subscriber agreement should not be translated.
  • The privacy policy ( and the Non-Discrimination Statement and Policy ( may be translated, but with a note on top saying that the English version is canonical.
  • should either not be present or just contain a link to the english version.
  • Paths should stay in English: /en/about becomes /XX/about in every language.
  • When a file is not translated, it will not appear in the menu.
  • and are not ready to be translated.
  • Blog posts (content\XX\post\) are not ready to be translated.
  • Images are not ready to be translated (#314).
  • Graphs content is not ready to be translated (#344).