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Localization - internationalization (l10n/i18n)

Don't duplicate work!

Check existing translation pull-requests to see if someone else is already working on it.

Translate new pages, update or improve translation

You can help with the translation work on

How to add a new language

If you are interested to add a new language, please open an issue with the information requested in:

Someone from Let's Encrypt will add the language to Crowdin so you can start translating on

When enough pages are translated, someone from Let's Encrypt will create the first pull request:

First pull-request

  1. In config\_default\, copy config\_default\languages.en.toml into config\_default\languages.XX.toml (where XX is your language code) and update it following indications given in comments (lines starting with #)
  2. In config\_default\, copy config\_default\menu.en.toml into config\_default\menu.XX.toml (where XX is your language code), translate name = and prefix urls with /XX/.
  3. In i18n\ copy en.toml into XX.toml (where XX is your language code) and translate the strings.
  4. Add your language in netlify.toml and layouts\_partial\langs.html.
  5. Copy content\base-l10n\ into content\XX\ (where XX is your language code)