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Cricket is an easy to use and (hopefully) easy to setup issue tracker. Here are some of crickets key features

  • Easy to setup (no configuration needed after installation)
  • LDAP support
  • Easy to include in your apps to gather user feedback

##Setup cricket

###1. Install ruby (preferrably via RVM)

If you dont have ruby installed on your server - do so.

I recommend using RVM and installing it as root. Before you install RVM, install build-essential (gcc, make, etc.). Then follow the onscreen instructions of the RVM installer. If anything concerning ruby and the gem package manager goes wrong hereafter, follow these steps, run rvm requirements and install the packages needed. Then Reinstall ruby using rvm reinstall 1.9.3.

If you dont install ruby using rvm make sure to install a ruby version >= 1.9.2

Try running this to validate that everything went right after installing

ruby -v

###2. Install bundler and cricket dependencies

Assuming that you already have downloaded cricket, here are the next steps: You might have to sudo the following steps:

gem install bundler
cd /path/to/cricket
bundle install

###3. Install passenger

Passenger is an apache module, you can use to run rails applications (like cricket) on apache. Run the following commands and follow the on-screen instructions.

gem install passenger

###4. Install cricket on a subdomain or as a subdirectory

Create the following site-configuration for apache to use cricket on a subdomain of your server:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName cricket.yourserver.tld
  DocumentRoot /path/to/cricket/public

If you want to run cricket on a subdirectory of your server - like yourserver.tld/cricket - follow these instructions.

You might have to restart apache for changes to be effective

###5. Setup cricket for apache use

cd /path/to/cricket
chmod -R 777 db/ log/ tmp/		
rake assets:precompile	
#RAILS_ENV=production	rake db:migrate
#RAILS_ENV=production	rake db:reset
#chmod -R 777 db/

Restart apache and you should be ready to go.

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