Trivial game of life demo in ClojureScript
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Conway's Game of Life

Getting Started

1. Install Leiningen

Leningen is a dependency and build tool for Clojure and ClojureScript.

Follow the installation instructions at

2. Compile the ClojureScript

Run lein cljsbuild once

3. Start the HTML server

Run lein ring server

4. Test that it works

Visit localhost:3000/auto.html. You should see the Game of Life running in the browser.

At this point, you can modify the program. Just recompile using lein cljsbuild auto and refresh the browser to see your changes.

If you like, you can use lein cljsbuild auto to automatically recompile whenever the source file changes.

5. Hook up a REPL and start hacking.

First, run lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-listen at the command prompt (or as an inferior lisp in Emacs).

Then, load localhost:3000/repl.html in your browser. This will connect to the REPL you just started. If you loaded repl.html before you started the repl server, you'll need to refresh the page to ensure that the Javascript code successfully connects to the REPL server.

Try typing some forms at the REPL! Start with simple forms, like (+ 1 1) and move up from there.

To start the game of life execution, invoke the start function in the game-of-life namespace. For example:

    (game-of-life/start 50)