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Level Level plugin autoloader

When 0-loader.php is inserted into the mu-plugins directory it will load all subdirectory plugin as it would normal plugins.

Configuration options

You have multiple options to manipulate where the Plugin Loader will look for a vendor folder. Define one of the following values in wp-config:

1. Default == Main / parent theme

If you define nothing it will load search in the main / parent theme via get_template_directory().

2. Child theme

Use the current Child theme via get_stylesheet_directory as the theme folder containing the vendor folder. This is only used when no LL_AUTOLOAD_DIR is set.

define('LL_AUTOLOAD_USE_CHILD', true);

3. Custom path

Use a specific directory. The script will still append /vendor/autoload.php to this path.

define('LL_AUTOLOAD_DIR', '/path/to/wordpress/theme/');