Feedly theme for Tiny Tiny RSS 1.8+
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Feedly theme for Tiny Tiny RSS 1.15 or newer.

Use the legacy branch for TT-RSS 1.11 or older.

Use the branch v1.12 if you use version 1.12 up to 1.14.

For the best experience, use a current browser. IE9 and older versions are not supported.

This theme is tested in Chrome on a regular basis and should work fine in IE10 and recent versions of Safari, Firefox (28+) and Opera (15+) as well.


Prerequisites: Running instance of TT-RSS

Install steps (If you did not find the description on the TT-RSS Homepage):

  1. Download the ZIP-File: wget https://github.com/levito/tt-rss-feedly-theme/archive/master.zip

  2. Unzip the ZIP-File: unzip master.zip

  3. Change into the newly created folder: cd tt-rss-feedly-theme-master

  4. Copy the relevant files into your TT-RSS folder:

    • cp feedly.css feedly-night.css [TT-RSS_Home]/themes
    • cp -r feedly/ [TT-RSS_Home]/themes
  5. Go into your TT-RSS preferences and select the feedly-theme.





traditional, wide, hidden sidebar

preferences + layer

Licensed under the WTFPL