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Add Security Exception to APK

In Android 7.0, Google introduced changes to the way user Certificate Authorities (CA) are trusted. These changes prevent third-parties from listening to network requests coming out of the application: More info:


This script injects into the APK network security exceptions that allow third-party software like Charles Proxy/Fiddler to listen to the network requests and responses of some Android applications.

Getting Started

Download the script and the XML file and place them in the same directory.


APKTOOL is not needed anymore.

You will need apktool and the Android SDK installed

I recommend using brew on Mac to install apktool:

brew install apktool


The script take two arguments:

  1. APK file path.
  2. keystore file path (optional - Default is: ~/.android/debug.keystore )


./ myApp.apk


./ myApp.apk ~/.android/debug.keystore